Our Cryogenics for Racing

Nascar Racing teams use Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Using Our Cryogenic Treatment for racing will increase component performances and REDUCE YOUR RACING COSTS.  Whether you race cars, boats, or airplanes Deep Cryogenic Treatment is an essential tool for success. Engines, transmissions, drive lines, suspension components, brakes and more respond to cryogenic processing by improving performance, reliability, and durability. If you want to race while reducing costs, consider our Cryogenic Treatment.  Every form of racing uses Cryogenic Treatment from go-karts to NASCAR and the Grand Prix.

Improve durability in racing.

MotoIQ Racing parts ready to get treated

Cryogenic Treatment is unique in that it reduces the cost of racing and makes the car more competitive at the same time due to the increases in component life. Racers have reported lifespan increases of 500% on valve springs.  They report 300% increase on racing engines, 300% on transmissions, in addition to 300% on brake rotors.  Another use is on suspension springs as well as track bars and torsion bars. 

Racing Engine components respond well to cryogenic processing by improving performance, reliability, and durability. Over 50% of the Sprint Cup racing teams already use some form of cold treatment.  Racing engine builders use CTP Cryogenics to cryogenically treat engine parts and help them optimize the metallurgy and therefor performance of their parts. If the Aerospace industry and F1 uses cryogenics to improve performances why not you??  Now that it’s available to the everyday user!

How Can Cryogenic Treatment Help?

Western Midget Cars Using our DCT

Cryogenics has been proven and continues to be proven race after race at reducing metallurgical stresses. Our Treatment often helps remove stresses that cause warped cylinder heads and blown head gaskets for more durable and consistent performance without deformity. Reliable parts results in greater  performance on the track. Additionally, our Cryogenic treatment reduces wear by up to 600% over non-treated components as well as make them more evenly hard. Making the parts more evenly hard reduces vibrations in reciprocating parts.  These are not baseless claims, they are proven in research and our customers in the field, over the four decades we’ve been in business

Deep Cryogenic Treatment has proven applications in every form of automotive, aircraft, and boat racing. It is essential if you want to not only win but reduce the costs of components and increase their reliability.  

An article on racing uses and cryogenic treatment was published by ASM International (asminternational.org) in their December 2001 heat treating magazine. ASM is the world’s foremost metallurgical society.  To read the article, click here.

Driveline parts also show remarkable improvements in longevity and Performance reliability.

  Learn more about deep cryogenic treatment for racing and how Controlled Thermal Processing can help your vehicle perform better and win more when you contact us today!