Cryogenic Treatment of Musical Instruments

Cryogenic treatment of musical instruments helps relieve residual stress and optimizes the crystalline structure of metals to create a richer sounding, more durable instrument. Discover why world-renowned ensembles like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops routinely order cryogenic treatment of their musical instruments.

How it Works

Cryogenic Treatment of Musical InstrumentsWhile creating an instrument, all the soldering, heating, banging, and bending causes a lot of stress to the metal on a molecular level — creating disorder in a metal’s molecular structure. Often these molecular shifts contribute to subpar instruments that don’t produce well rounded, resonant sounds. Cooling the metal through cryogenics relieves much of the stress it undergoes during creation.

In addition to relieving residual stress while creating an instrument, our cryogenic treatments can also refocus instruments that are well worn and aging. Whether you have a brass or woodwind instrument, the cryogenic treatment of your musical instruments optimizes them for better sound and long lasting playing power.

Our treatments work on many different metal compositions including instruments made from brass, stainless steel, aluminum, or varying alloys of copper, silver, and zinc.

Work with the Best

Whether you’re an amateur embarking on a musical hobby or a professional plying your trade, cryogenic processing can give you the sound you’ve been chasing. Contact the team at Controlled Thermal Processing today for a difference you can hear.