Cryogenic Treatment Services

Cryogenic processing helps increase the durability of metals by improving the crystalline structure. Professional, experienced cryogenic treatment services slowly lower the temperature of materials to below -244°F. At these temperatures, the structure of the material is optimized, helping to remove imperfections and create a more uniform structure.

Controlled Thermal Processing (CTP) has found cryogenic applications across a wide range of industries, successfully treating iron, titanium, Inconel, aluminum, tool steels, and carbides. Nonmetals with crystalline structures such as carbon-based plastics, carbon fibers, commercial diamonds, and certain protective coatings (such as ceramics) have all benefitted from cryogenic treatment.

Industries We Service

If you work in any industry that relies on the durability of metal, there are cryogenic applications that can benefit your company. For example:

  • Transportation No Industry Has A Higher Proportion Of Cryogenic Applications, Top To Bottom, Than The Motors That Move Us. Race Car Drivers Have Long Understood That Cold Treatment Increases Engine Durability, But Deep Cryogenic Treatment Takes It A Step Farther. Brake Discs Show Significantly Longer Life, Springs Show Increased Performance, Pistons stand up to the heat and friction better, And Engine Blocks Stand Up To Pressure Better Than Ever Before Once They Have Been Processed By Race-Experienced Deep Cryogenic Treatment Services Like CTP.
  • Industrial If The Sound Of A Bustling Manufacturing Floor Gets You Going And The Sound Of A Carbide Bit Breaking Stops Your Heart, The Potential Cryogenic Applications In An Industrial Setting Are Apparent. More Durable Tools, Motors, And Dies Means Less Downtime And A Better Bottom Line. In Today’s Manufacturing Culture Of Predictive Maintenance Rather Than Reactive Maintenance, The Benefits Of A Longer-Lived, More Standardized Component Far Outweigh The Cost Of Treatment.
  • Marine Boat Props Are Some Of The Most Stressed Parts Of Your Vessel. Every Bit Of Power Produced By Your Engine Is Sent Through The Boat Prop, Which Then Slams Into The Water Around It, Pushing It Out Of The Way With Every Rotation. Cryogenically Treated Props Have Fewer Weak Points In The Structure Of The Metal.
  • Instruments And Audio Devices Today’s Most Popular Electronics And Stereo Equipment Operate By Sending Electric Impulses Along Wires And Circuit Boards. CTP Is Leading The Pack With High-Tech Cryogenic Applications. Wires, Circuit Boards, And Other Components Show A Marked Increase In Both Conductivity And Service Life After Cryogenic Treatment. In Fact, In An Informal Demonstration, Members Of The Chicago Audio Society Chose Cryo-Treated Equipment Almost Unanimously Over Identical Untreated Equipment For Optimal Sound Quality.

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Whatever your business, you should consider our business. Cryogenic processing provides a great return on investment to improve your bottom line and give you an advantage over the competition. For all your cryogenic applications, go with the company who has been at the forefront of the industry for 35 years.

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