Benefits of Deep Cryogenic Processing

A vacuum insulated cryogenic processor used in deep cryogenic processing

The advanced process of Deep Cryogenic Processing involves bringing the temperature of metals or plastics down to temperatures below -300⁰F slowly. Cryogenic Processing alters the crystalline structure, transforming it into a more uniform and durable construct. These changes become permanent as the temperature of the material is gradually brought back up to room temperature or beyond.  Cryogenics offers benefits in many varied areas.

Deep Cryogenic Processing:

In Transportation

Benefits of Deep cryogenic processing on automotive components are remarkable and extensive. Cryogenic Processing optimizes the crystalline structure of the engine components, as well as relieves the  stresses so that they can withstand higher stresses over a longer period of time.

Why do professional race teams use Cryogenic treatment? Because they know that treated engines, driveline parts and brake rotors improve performance and show increased durability.

Cryogenic Processing multiplies the service life up to five times normal life span. Whether you’re a professional driver, business owner who oversees a large vehicle fleet, or an auto enthusiast interested in saving time, money and resources, contact our team to learn more about the transportation benefits of cryogenic processing.

In the Marine Environment

The benefits of cryogenics don’t only apply on land.  Cryogenic processing profoundly improves boat propellers and engines including final drive components.  A Cryogenically Treated propeller is less prone to warping, fracturing, or shear. The gears and shafts in final drive units last considerably longer.  Cryogenic Processing  drastically reduces maintenance costs over the lifespan of all metallurgical parts. Professional boat racers have adapted the technology that race car teams have known about for years.  Properly done Cryogenic Processing  is the secret weapon that results in faster, more durable boats.

In Industry and Manufacturing

If your business depends on a range of industrial machinery like molds, forms, and dies any unanticipated downtime can result in significant losses. Cryogenic Processing improves the quality, durability and lifespan of a range of industrial machine parts that are susceptible to wear due to stress, friction and fatigue.

From gears and grinding wheels to hobs and blades, these components can maintain their quality for longer through deep cryogenic processing.  Cryogenic Processing reduces downtime on the industrial production and increases the bottom line.

In Electronics and Audio Equipment

In electronics, vacancies in conducting materials significantly degrade the efficiency of the entire system. They cause signal disruptions that potentially lead to signal discrepancies or outright failure. Deep cryogenic treatment realigns the structure of the material. This  results in a faster, more reliable transmission.

In Sports Equipment

Deep cryogenic treatment is effective in treatment of sports equipment such as golf clubs and metal baseball bats.  Laboratory tests on golf clubs conclusively prove that treated clubs hit farther in addition to having improved accuracy.  The vibrations in the shaft are reduced, giving more comfort to the user.  Aluminum baseball bats hit farther.

Discover the Benefits of Cryogenics

When it comes to the applications of deep cryogenic treatment, we’ve only started to scratch the surface, so to speak. Whether you work in manufacturing, transportation or electronics, you will benefit from the incredible, groundbreaking technology that our team continues to perfect every day. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of deep cryogenic processing.