Industrial cryogenic treatment

Cryogenic metal treatment is perfect for industrial applications where durability directly impacts the bottom line. Our predictive maintenance through cryogenics ensures a longer-lived, more standardized component. We strive to eliminate reactive maintenance in your operation with our flexible cryogenic applications.

How it Works

By optimizing the crystalline structure of many metals through cryogenic processes, you get a tool that better weathers the demands on of the factory floor. From wear and tear to leaks, you have to deal with less maintenance, tool changes, and downtime.


Cryogenic metal treatment has proven effective across a wide range of applications including carbide, plastic molding, pelletizer blades, resistance welding electrodes, grinding wheels, hobs, and foundry applications.

After using cryogenic treatment on steel, carbide, and other materials, our clients found that they got at least double the lifespan on all their tools — enjoying enhanced capabilities and increased cost savings. Learn more about how our treatment process can improve the lifespan of your tools, motors, and materials today.

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If you rely on metal to keep your machines running, you can rely on us to keep them running longer. When you’re ready to see a real difference to your bottom line, reach out to the cryogenic engineers at Controlled Thermal Processing to tailor a program specifically for your operation.

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