Improve HiFi Audio sound

Cryogenic Processing of Audio Components and cables.

When you need the richest sound possible, you need cryogenic processing from Controlled Thermal Processing. Our Own Cryogenic processing of audio components and cable has proven time and again in blind tests to have an amazing effect on final sound quality. Learn why so many choose us as their cryogenic partner.

What we Cryogenically Process in Audio.

Circuit boards, Cables and wires, Vacuum tubes, Phonograph needles,  Magnets, Transformers, Solder Joints, Plated Connectors and many more…..

vacuum tubes

Vacuum Tubes going in for Cryo Treatment

How it Works

With the cryogenic processing of audio components and cables, vacancies within the structure of their metallic components are decreased to lower the amount of artifacts in the electrical current, sometimes referred to as noise. Studies have shown that, by lowering the noise, a truer signal is received leading to better overall performance and durability.

While the team at Controlled Thermal Processing strives to stay at the forefront of technology, our field is full of new discoveries and experimentation. We keep up with the most advanced methods and technologies.

You Can Hear the Difference

Vacuum tube

Tungsol Vacuum tube

We acknowledge that listening tests are tenuous.  But test after test with single blind A or B testing have proved people select our Cryogenically treated cables and components consistently over non treated.  We have used our Deep Cryogenic Processing to treat many audio components from the novices to the most discerning Audiophiles and Audio Engineers.  CTP have been in business for over 45 years and the repeated theme we hear over and over again from our customers is:  “A marked improvement in sound”

Our DCT reduces the micro phonics in CD’s and the vibrations in vacuum tubes that cause “wowing”.  It treats the welds in vacuum tubes to prevent failures.  Changes mechanical properties and microstructure of solder joints, reduces resistance in audio cables and much more…