Cryogenic Processing Explained

Controlled Thermal Processing (CTP) is driven by one passion: cryogenic processing. Using state-of-the-art very precise equipment and experienced leadership that has driven the industry for the last thirty-five years, we can bring longer life to most metal equipment by improving the crystalline structure.

We do this through the careful application of cryogenic treatment, the science of modifying the structure of a material or substance by extremely cold (cryogenic) temperatures at -310° F and below. By cryogenically treating materials, such as tools, dies, or engine components at such low temperatures, we give you a much longer lasting component for lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

How does it work?

Humans have used cold processing of metals across cultures for centuries. Scandinavian sword makers knew that swords left in the snow to season after forging were less likely to break. Early automakers understood engine blocks made in fall and left to age over the winter outside performed better. It wasn’t until technology advanced far enough to offer controlled and reproducible cryogenic conditions that the full benefit was realized.

At precise temperatures, the crystalline structure of metals and some plastics undergo a change. As the temperature drops, the movement of the atomic particles in the material begins to slow. The spaces between atoms begin to contract with this lower momentum. The result of cryogenic processing is a refinement of the crystal structure into a more uniform and durable formation. As the material is brought slowly back to room temperature, the speed of the particles increases, but with far fewer gaps and a more perfect crystalline alignment.

How can it work for me?

Cryogenic processing takes the tools, engines, brakes  you depend on everyday and makes them better. While it is not a cure for bad heat-treating and will not only slightly harden every component, it makes your part more reliable. By smoothing out natural weak spots in the nano structure, you have a tool that can run longer under stress.  Cryogenic Treatment will increase both life and wear resistance.  Longer run times and less maintenance adds up to money saved. That directly affects your bottom line.

Can it really help my bottom line?

If you use a metal part, tool, or component, yes! Cryogenic processing can help you get the most out of your metal—and dramatically improve your bottom line. Here are a few examples:

  • Transportation Whether you’re turning circles on a racecourse, taking corners at 2+ G’s, running the 1/4 mile at just over 3 seconds or delivering packages through rain and snow, cryogenic processing can give you longer life and more reliability through all your vehicle’s high-stress components.
  • Industrial Tools, dies, and electric motors all have parts that cryogenic treatment can extend the life of.
  • Electronics Cryogenic treatment is integral to creating superconducting parts for computers, HiFi stereos, and other electronic devices.
  • Marine Cryogenic processing of engine components, screws, and props give you more durability to stand up to everything the deep can throw at you.

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