Grinding Wheels

Deep cryogenic treatments of grinding wheels can improve the lifespan and durability, saving your industrial facility valuable resources over time. From lab tests to real world studies, our treatments show consistent results to ensure your grinding wheels last longer throughout everyday operations. Check out the science behind our groundbreaking work.

How it Works

Diamond Grinding Wheels

Deep cryogenic treatment of grinding wheels, whether you’re working with electroplated, super abrasive or vitreous-bonded wheels, has proven to be incredibly effective. On average, treated wheels stay sharper longer with less need for dressing. Our process affects the crystal structure in the grinding grain, which enhance wheel durability and lifespan. 

Automotive plants especially, have seen amazing gains after our deep cryogenic treatments on their grinding wheels. The wheels stay sharper, there is a reduction in tensile residual stresses induced into the piece, and the desired surface finish is easier to obtain. Plated wheels are expensive, and our proprietary deep cryogenic processing can make them much more cost effective.  Treated wheels will help you reduce the cost of your operation while increasing the quality of your product.

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While deep cryogenic processing of grinding wheels is still on the cusp of exploding onto the market, the team at Controlled Thermal Processing has extensive experience with treatments across a variety of industries. We’ve conducted thorough research and run real-world experiments to ensure we deliver the best of deep cryogenic treatment to you. Reach out to us today to learn what we can do for your operation.