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Parts parts parts… this time we have Added @wpctreatment to add compressive strength on the surface, lower friction toughness etc etc. We now offer this treatment through our business. Imagine! Both Deeeep Cryogenic Treatment and WPC for your parts.  

Vacuum tube Monday! @upscaleaudiosocal keeps us super busy… NOW IF only one of you high end audio manufacturers would listen a little and allow us to help you get even more out of the rest of your components!


Ferrari F40 rotors and pads cryogenic treatment


Bottle making plants need their tools to stay very precise in shape.. Slight deviations cause defects. When you can produce huge numbers in a short period of time ANY downtime is costly.. Deep Cryogenic Processing is the answer for materials that get stressed by very high temperatures.. Efficiency is the key to profitability. This manufacturer saw a remarkable decrease in wear especially on the Tungsten cutting blades..After checking the blades (they cut the molten Glass) within the time they usually wear, using precise optical equipment, they saw only 3% of wear they usually experience..


@steeldustmachine sent in some parts. Bmw S55 crank and some….They’re going in the deep freeeezzze