USPS Truck Brakes- Case Study

Brake Wear

Brake wear is one of the biggest costs of a delivery fleet.  It is also a major source of downtime.

 The Problem

The United States Postal Service experiences a lot of wear and tear on its trucks.  Postal delivery loads impose heavy usage in all weathers affects the mechanical components of their vehicles.  Brake wear is a big cost for the USPS fleet. They sponsored extensive testing to determine what the best brakes were for its fleet.

USPS Truck Brakes- Case Study

The Experiment

The US Postal Service organized a test of brakes from many companies.  They utilized an independent firm which specializes in brake testing, Greening Testing Laboratories.  This laboratory has  stellar reputation in the brake industry.  It works to industry standards.

They tried  brakes from various manufacturers and determined our cryogenically treated brakes to be the best of all rotors tested. Our treated brakes were so durable, that the second place brakes showed 7x more wear than ours did.

They found that brake rotors and pads lasted significantly longer after deep cryogenic treatment, with no significant change in braking effectiveness. In some cases, treated brakes have lasted four times longer than untreated ones.

Proven Results with CTP

The US Postal Service, has shown considerably reduced operating costs by using cryogenically treated brakes by CTP through its partner Precision Fleet Brakes. If you want to take advantage of similar benefits for your business and reduce your bottom line, contact the cryogenic specialists at Controlled Thermal Processing by reaching out to us online.