Cryogenics 101

What is Cryogenic processingWe dive into the Cryogenic Processing and its origins and why it’s indispensable as a process.

The most visited page on our web site is the Cryogenic Myths page. As the process is new to many we thought we would clarify the process is its advantages.

What is Cryogenic processing:

Cryogenic processing is the process of cooling metal parts and some plastic gradually down to -315º F and holding that temperature (different for every type of metal) for a programmed amount of time.  Once “soaking” is done we gradually raise the temperature to room temperature and above to finish the process.

What does it do to the parts to make them better?

Cryogenic processing makes changes to the crystal structure of materials. The major results of these changes are to enhance the following:

 Abrasion resistance*(refers to the ability of materials and structures to withstand abrasion (a method of wearing down or rubbing away by means of friction.)

Fatigue resistance*(the highest stress that a material can withstand for a given number of cycles without breaking)

The changes we know about are:

  • Change of Retained Austenite to Martensite in Hardened Steels.(Martensite is wanted more than Austenite to be brief)
  • Reduction of Residual Stress.(Stress Causes your parts to crack or break prematurely)
  • Precipitation(Cause more)of Fine Eta Carbides in Steel. (Formation of carbides is great for strength)

Reduction in point defects.

(Point defects are where an atom is missing or is in an irregular place in the 3d structure that is your part.)

Redistribution of alloying elements.

  • Alloys are:

A metallic solid or liquid that is composed of a mixture of two or more metals…metal elements, usually for the purpose of giving or increasing specific characteristics or properties: Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper.)”

What is gained by distributing all the elements in an alloy you are spreading all the elements more evenly so they have the intended effect on the entire piece. The effects are strength and durability

  • Making the crystal lattice structure more orderly.Wood framed homes are built with studs at a certain distance on center  from one another.  Good spacing and enough of them make the entire structure stronger.
  • Why do I need to do this, aren’t the parts good enough?

We can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t want to get the highest value possible from anything they own or just bought.

Getting 2-5 times the life out of anything is considered a huge success by any measure.

Deep Cryogenic Processing  done correctly unlocks more strength, durability in Aerospace parts, racing engines, transmissions, Carbide tools, high speed steel, Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium etc etc.  If your parts are already made well, then our  Deep Cryogenic treatment will make them HYPER-PERFORM.

NOTE: It won’t make parts indestructible.   Used within their intended use, the parts will vastly outperform untreated parts.