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Our deep cryogenic processing services have applications across a range of industries, from cryogenically treated engines to pelletizer blades.

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The competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

Learn about the science behind deep cryogenic processing and how this groundbreaking technology can give you an edge over the competition.

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Deep Cryogenic Processing and Thermal Processing Services

For over thirty years, Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. has been a leader in deep cryogenic treatment and thermal processing. Our proprietary cryo processing optimizes the crystalline structure of steel, gray iron, aluminum, and other metal and plastics.

The bottom line is that every manufacturer we can think of would like to reduce their fixed costs. How do you do that without a major re-think in engineering? Produce more...with less while using the same tools!

Lasting Results

CTP is dedicated to providing our clients with the best Cryogenic processing.

Enhanced Resistance

Metals respond to cryogenic processing with enhanced resistance.

Industry Leaders

We are industry leaders in cryogenic Processing and efficiencies applications.

Discover the Proven Benefits of Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Whether you’re looking to relieve residual stress on your aerospace parts, improve the conductivity of your electronic audio equipment, or increase the wear-resistance of industrial machine components, our cryogenic processing can lead to greater efficiency to help you and your business maximize profits.

Contact us today to learn more about the proven benefits of cryogenically treating Engines, Carbide Tools, Brake rotors and many other metals.

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A Process That Works

We provide phenomenal results by supporting and applying decades worth of research in the field of cryo processing. The United States Army, Nasa, University of Texas, and the Illinois Institute of Technology have all partnered with us over the years, and we’re proud of the advances we’ve made. By driving the leading edge of technology in the field, we ensure neither we nor our clients are left behind.


In transportation, deep cryogenic treatment has become the secret weapon of champion race car drivers and automotive enthusiasts alike. Engine Blocks, Pistons, Rings, Cranks, Valves, Sprins, Cams that have undergone cryo processing show marked performance over the competition.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing requires tight specifications, and recalls and downtime can eat into profits. That’s why more operations managers are using cryogenic processing to give them the ability to run longer with fewer changes to gears, dies, and tooling.

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Marine Environments

Marine environments are hard on metals. Whether salt or fresh water, boat motors are often under as much stress as a land vehicle’s engine. In high-performance racing, cryo processing is vital to combating the immense stresses.

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Deep cryogenic treatment of electronics and audio equipment has been proven to increase the life and conductivity of electronic components, often refining their attributes for better performance.

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See what some of our customers have to say:

“I cannot recommend talking to Controlled Thermal Processing highly enough. It involves an examination of operations which allows their team to discuss the art of the possible.”

Sean Fitzgerald — Operations Manager, New York

“CTP brings a wealth of knowledge about cryogenic processing that helped me understand the scope of the benefits. We are projected to save thousands of dollars over the next few years.”

Susan Clark — Small Business Owner, California

“CTP is professional, efficient, and they pay attention to detail. We noticed the difference in the performance of our propellers immediately and continue to see the benefits.”

Patrick Doyle - Boating Expert, Florida

A Positive Impact On Your Bottom Line

Whether your project is big or small, large machine parts or brake rotors for your vehicle, we can tailor a deep cryogenic treatment for you.

Reach out through our contact page to get a free estimate or consultation, and to learn more about how you can start improving your parts through cryo processing, and making an impact on your bottom line.

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