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For over thirty years, Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. has been a leader in deep cryogenic treatment and thermal processing. Our proprietary cryo processing optimizes the crystalline structure of steel, gray iron, aluminum, and other metal and plastics.

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Discover the Proven Benefits of Cryogenics. Namely, Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Remove stresses created during the manufacturing & machining process

Improve the cutting properties of tool steels like HSS and Carbide

Improve wear performance by upwards of 1,100%

Increase tensile, toughness, strength and ductility

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What is Cryogenic Processing

The heat treatment of metals is commonly understood as the addition of heat to metals, thereby increasing the temperature in a controlled manner, to bring about desirable changes in the crystal structure. The final step in heat treatment procedures is cooling to room temperature.

Cryogenic Processing, in contrast, takes advantage of desirable changes to crystal structure if cooling is extended to very low, sub atmospheric temperatures. Very low temperature, meaning cryogenic temperatures, is defined as temperatures below -150 °C. (-238 °F.) In the same way extremely hot temps cause changes in metal, extremely cold temperatures create changes. Except the changes at Cryogenic temperatures taking place are, finishing and perfecting the metals that was started by heat treatment.

Benefits of Cryogenic Processing

The benefits for cryogenic processing to material properties are numerous and significant. A partial list includes:

  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Improved fatigue strength
  • Better corrosion resistance
  • Improved electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Reduced internal stress
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Better surf ace finish (for materials polished after deep cryogenic treatment)

Additional benefits are being revealed every day. Many of the above improvements are found not only in metals, but in many crystalline and semi crystalline (polymer) materials.

Industries That Use Cryogenic Processing

Industries that employ cryogenic processing because of the economies or performance benefits that it offers include:

  • Manufacturing concerns that use cutting tools
  • Producers of metal optical components
  • Manufacturers of cutting and welding tools for industrial and consumer products
  • Earth moving and mining industries
  • Producers of injection molded products
  • Performance and competition automotive components
  • High fidelity audio equipment producers
  • Agricultural and logging products manufacturers
  • Aerospace and military

Industries Served



Mining & Petroleum

Automotive & Racing

Medical CTP


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Case Studies

Cryogenic Treatment transportation


Cryogenic Treatment has become the secret weapon of CHAMPION RACE CAR TEAMS and automotive enthusiasts alike. Engine Blocks, Pistons, Rings, Cranks, Valves, Springs, Cams that have undergone Cryogenic processing show marked performance and durability!

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Industrial Manufacturing cryogenic treatment

Industrial Manufacturing

BY using cryogenic processing, Industrial manufacturing operations are able to run longer with fewer changes to gears, dies, and tooling. Production lines require tight specifications, recalls and downtime can eat into profits. That’s why they turn to us. We have helped many companies including the likes of Federal Mogul to cut their overhead by significant sums.

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Marine cryogenic treatment

Marine Environments

Marine environments are hard on metals. Whether salt or fresh water, boat motors are often under as much stress as a land vehicle’s engine. In high-performance racing, cryogenic processing is vital to combating the immense stresses.

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Tube AMP


Deep cryogenic treatment of electronics and audio equipment has been proven to increase the life and conductivity of electronic components, often refining their attributes for better performance.

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A Positive Impact On Your Bottom Line

Whether your project is big or small, large machine parts or brake rotors for your vehicle, we can tailor a deep cryogenic treatment for you.

CTP is dedicated to providing our clients with the best Cryogenic processing.

Cryogenic processing increases the wear resistance of all Metals.

We are industry leaders in cryogenic Processing and efficiencies applications.

Reach out through our contact page to get a free estimate or consultation, and to learn more about how you can start improving your parts through cryo processing, and making an impact on your bottom line.
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