Benefits of Cryogenics

One of the primary concerns when working with metal and specialized plastics is maintaining the strength and durability of the materials over the course of their lifespan. To create the machine parts, engine components, and specialized tools used in everything from transportation to manufacturing, these materials are manipulated using heat, chemicals, and mechanical force. While these processes are necessary to reshape and reform the materials, they also add stress to the material which can flaw them at a molecular level.

Deep cryogenic processing is an advanced process during which metals and plastics are cooled to temperatures below -244⁰F. This alters the crystalline structure, transforming it into a more uniform and durable construct. As the temperature of the material is gradually brought back up, the space between molecules expands, but they retain their configuration, giving you the benefits of the new alignment.

In Transportation

The benefits of deep cryogenic processing on automotive components are remarkable — and extensive. The optimization of the crystalline structure of the engine parts that tend to succumb to fracturing due to fatigue can help them withstand higher stresses over a longer period of time. Professional race car drivers have known for years that cryogenically treated engines, brake rotors and drums demonstrate dramatically improved performance, increased durability and longer lifespans. Cryogenic processing of brake rotors and other friction-worn parts has proven to increase resistance to wear, multiplying their service life up to five times over. Whether you’re a professional driver, a business owner who oversees a large vehicle fleet, or an auto enthusiast interested in saving time, money and resources, contact our team to learn more about the transportation benefits of cryogenic processing.

In Marine

The benefits of deep cryogenic processing doesn’t only apply on land. Marine parts, such as boat propellers and engines, can be profoundly improved through cryogenic processing.This stronger propeller is less prone to warping, fracturing, or shear, drastically reducing maintenance costs over the lifespan of the part. Professional boat racers have adapted the technology that race car drivers have known about for years, and now, deep cryogenic treatment is considered the secret weapon that is yielding better results for faster, more durable boats.

In Industry and Manufacturing

If your business depends on a range of industrial machinery to mold, form, and cut, any unanticipated downtime can result in significant losses. Deep cryogenic processing has been proven to improve the quality, durability and lifespan of a range of machine parts that are most susceptible to wear due to stress, friction and fatigue. From gears and grinding wheels to hobs and blades, these components can maintain their quality for longer through deep cryogenic processing, reducing downtime on the production line and bolstering your bottom line.

In Electronics and Audio Equipment

In electronics, vacancies in the material that conducts the current can significantly degrade the efficiency of the entire system. These can cause signal disruptions that can potentially lead to signal discrepancies or outright failure. Deep cryogenic treatment realigns the structure of the material to fill in these gaps, resulting in a faster, more reliable transmission.

Discover the Benefits of Cryogenics

When it comes to the applications of deep cryogenic treatment, we’ve only started to scratch the surface, so to speak. Whether you work in manufacturing, transportation or electronics, you can more than likely benefit from the incredible, groundbreaking technology that our team continues to perfect every day. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of deep cryogenic processing.