Save Money by increasing Performance

Saving money with Cryogenics

 Savings through Performance.

Yes, savings!

Why is it that we are talking about savings now when we keep harping on about performance gains?  To us, they are one in the same!

Sure relieving residual stresses is great on machined, formed or cast metal parts. Its is vital to have more refined carbide formations, even-hardness for durability and strength and not to mention greatly reduced vibration on reciprocating parts…  But what has always been there but less talked or thought about is the effect of making “performance” a savings tool!  Saving isn’t as sensational unless it can be quantified with hard numbers.

When a part is more durable, especially parts that are part of larger assemblies that are buried deep (i.e. engines, large industrial machines) the cost of the part alone is far, far lower than the cost of removing and re-assembly of the whole.  In fact, the cost of down time in manufacturing, lost practice time in racing or even having to pack up for the weekend because you don’t have “that” spare part can even be more costly than the sum X 20 times the part that has failed.

When unplanned production downtime occurs, no value is being produced but the cost of overhead operations continues to grow.  This directly impacts a company’s bottom line. According to Analyst firm Aberdeen Research82 percent of companies have experienced unplanned downtime over the past three years and that unplanned downtime can cost a company as much as $260,000 an hour!

A maintenance manager from NWA (formerly Comet products Inc) once wrote us:

“I am writing to you to document the remarkable experience we’ve had with cryogenically treated granulator knives. We use them  in our Conair G1420-1 grinder which we use to granulate crystal styrene. Prior to cryogenic treatment, these granulator knives required re-sharpening every four weeks. The treated granulator knives have been in service for nearly one year now and have not required re-sharpening. This represents a ten-fold increase in life so far and the granulator knives are still sharp. I’ll let you know when they finally go dull.”

When we established our Cryogenics processing business, we asked ourselves, who wouldn’t want to save money? Our adage has always been:“ How can you get more for less while using the same tools without the cost of re-engineering?”

Planning is essential in anything one wants to success in.  Thinking ahead is crucial. It means averting last minute catastrophic scenarios..  Those are not our words, of course, but they are words that have been echoed throughout history.  It’s what assured humans success at crucial moments.  Spending more up front carefully is vital, it is one-in-the-same as planning ahead.  By using  properly executed  Deep Cryogenic Processing by Controlled Thermal Processing, you are taking a step in that direction, you are planning ahead. Less down time, less tooling costs, more profit, more racing, LESS STRESS. After all, it’s all about the savings, isn’t it?