Surface Micro Polishing and Surface Treatments

The surface of a component is where a lot of things happen.  Surface Treatments such as polishing or treatments that refine the surface to rid it of rough jagged edges and create compressive residual stresses go a long way to reduce wear and the initiation of fatigue failures. 


Polishing the surface of gears, cams, followers and other components helps them perform longer and better.  It removes the jagged edges that can be easily worn off and drop debris into the oil.  It lowers the coefficient of friction between the two sliding surfaces.  This in turn can lower the oil temperature in transmissions, gear boxes and engines.  The lower oil temperature allows the oil to retain its lubricating and cooling functions. 

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Like any process, polishing needs to be done in a manner that is appropriate.  For instance, achieving a very high state of polish can cause problems.  The polish can be so smooth that lubricants bead up on it.  This is good when connecting rods are polished as you may not want the extra weight of the oil on them, but it is not good on gears where it can cause metal to metal contact on start up. 

Another problem seen is the tendency for the chemicals used to get a very high state of polish causing corrosion on the parts over time.  This in turn allows the products of corrosion to be wiped off the surface and into the lubricant.

Controlled Thermal Processing can help you engineer your surface to get the best possible finish for your application. 

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