Racing Boat Prop

Boat props can take a beating.  Small nicks can serve as sites for failures to start.  These nicks can result in breakage of blades which can throw the prop out of balance and wreck other components in the drive system.  If the prop blade fails on the up stroke it can become dangerous shrapnel.

Since propellers can be incredibly expensive, like those made of stainless steel, it’s important to do everything in your power to minimize damage and wear. Controlled Thermal Processing has tons of experience working with boat props.  We’ve worked with racing boats, including protecting the boat of four time Off-Shore Champion, Rick Bowling.  Deep Cryogenic Treatment can greatly reduce the potential for blade failure.  It will also reduce damage done by abrasives and cavitation.  There are no coatings that can give you  the advantages of DCT.

You can usually tell when a crack in your prop failure is fatigue related.  The crack will show “beach marks” where it began.

Final Drives

Other areas where DCT has proven to reduce the cost of mechanical failure and wear on boats is on the final drive units.  Gears, bearings, and shafts have all proven to run longer after treatment.

Engines & Mechanical Components

DCT has been shown to increase the life of highly stressed engines.  The racing industry has found that engines last up to five times longer when treated. Other mechanical components such as winches and cranes can benefit.  The US Navy found that wire ropes and chains wore considerably less when treated.

Reach out to our specialized DCT team today to learn more about what our deep cryogenic trea

ments for pleasure boats, racing boats, and workboats can do for you!