Resistance Welding Electrodes

Resistance welding electrodes are widely used across many industries, including among automobile and appliance manufacturers. The team at Controlled Thermal Processing intimately understands the processes these plants undergo in order to fulfill their orders, so we know the importance of extending the life and durability of any resistance welding electrodes in your facility. Learn how our deep cryogenic processing can help.

How it Works

Research by Linde Gas Division of Linde AG has shown that DCT improves the life of resistance welding electrodes significantly.  Resistance welding electrodes generally fail by thermal cyclic fatigue. The contact surface begins to mushroom which makes it bigger thus changing the welding parameters.  DCT delays this considerably.

We’ve taken the effectiveness of their resistance welding electrodes to the next level with deep cryogenic processing. We’ve found that our own deep cryogenic treatments can make metal parts last anywhere from two to nine times longer than they normally would, saving your operation time and money every day.

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Since cryogenics for resistance welding electrodes is such a groundbreaking science, it does require some flexibility and improvements on your end. We recommend changing some of your welding parameters to ensure you’re enjoying the full benefits of our deep cryogenic treatments. If you’re interested in learning how to modify your welding processes to accommodate deep cryogenic processing, and ultimately improve your systems, reach out to our expert team today.

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