Gear making is an expensive proposition and the most costly part of your operation is likely your hobs. These high-priced items are a fixture in your plant or facility and wear and tear on them can spell disaster for gear creation.

Avoid the tooth profile changes that come from extended hob use and choose deep cryogenic treatment for better durability and longer lifespan. Learn how deep cryogenic treatment of hobs works with help from Controlled Thermal Processing.

How it Works

Cryogenic treatment is proven to give hobs up to five times the life they would normally have. At Controlled Thermal Processing, we already treat hobs for some of the best gear makers around, especially in the racing industry.

Treating hobs and other cutting tools gives many of our clients a big competitive advantage over other companies in the industry, and with less maintenance and downtime, they enjoy saving time and money.

Groundbreaking Technology

Our deep cryogenic processing of hobs is currently one of the newest advances that improve the performance beyond what was possible ever before. Get in touch with Controlled Thermal Processing for a team that has the experience and knowledge you need to get any job done.