About Controlled Thermal Processing

A Leader in Cryogenic Processing Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. is a leader in cryogenic processing and cryogenic treatment of metals. From their four locations across the United States, CTP uses state-of-the-art cryogenic equipment to help businesses and consumers alike improve the quality and increase the lifespan of everything from brake rotors and boat propellers to […]

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What is Cryogenic Processing?

There are no “official” definitions of the term cryogenic processing. Controlled Thermal Processing (CTP) considers the definition of the process to be: “The modification of a material or component using cryogenic temperatures.” Cold Treatments generally only go down to temperatures of 178ºK (-140ºF, -96ºC). Cryogenic treatments have been found to offer performance over and above […]

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The Best Cryogenic Processing and Thermal Processing Services

For over thirty years, Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. has been a leader in Cryogenic Treatment and thermal processing of metals and specialized plastics. CTP uses state-of-the-art cryogenic equipment to help industrial clients and consumers alike significantly improve the lifespan and quality of everything from stamping dies to brake rotors.

Whether you’re looking to relieve residual stress on your brake rotors, improve conductivity of circuit boards and create superior sound reproduction in audio equipment, or increase the wear-resistance of industrial machine components. Our proprietary Cryo Processing optimizes the structure of Steels and Alloys, Gray Iron, Aluminum, Titanium and other metal and plastics to reduce wear, save downtime, and increase efficiency, boosting your profits.

From our four locations across the United States CTP can offer its services coast-to-coast. Contact us today to learn more about the incredible benefits of cryogenically treating your metals.

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Offering Services Nationwide

Our multiple locations allow us to offer these services coast to coast:

A Process That Works

We provide phenomenal results by supporting and applying decades worth of research in the field of cryo processing. The United States Army, Nasa, University of Texas, and the Illinois Institute of Technology have all partnered with us over the years, and we’re proud of the advances we’ve made. By driving the leading edge of technology in the field, we ensure neither we nor our clients are left behind.

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A Positive Impact On Your Bottom Line

Whether your project is big or small, large machine parts or brake rotors for your vehicle, we can tailor a cryogenic treatment for you. Call us today at 818-445-3030 or reach out through our contact page to get a free estimate, and to learn more about how you can start improving your parts through cryo processing, and making an impact on your bottom line.

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